Filmed on Election Day 2020 in five cemeteries across New York State, WOMEN AND THE VOTE is a mosaic-style documentary on the past 100 years of women's political equality, the present moment, and the possibilities for the future. Interviews and verité footage of visitors in The Bronx, Sleepy Hollow, Auburn, Rochester, and Buffalo intertwine with rich historical elements to generate connections between New York's rich suffragist legacy and contemporary voters.  

Coming in 2022: In-person screenings and public media broadcasts.
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After a long and contentious presidential campaign, more than 10,000 people spontaneously visited Susan B. Anthony's grave in Rochester, New York to pay tribute to America's most famous suffragist and place their “I Voted Today” stickers upon her headstone as an expression of their pride and gratitude. Although the grave was still a gathering place the next day, the atmosphere was far different.

Eight producers, eight cinematographers, and three photographers spent two days capturing this significant event in American history to create ELECTION DAY 2016. This 15-minute film is the first collaborative film project by the Rochester Documentary Filmmakers. 

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TURN THE PAGE is a story of hope, humanity, and literacy revolving around the work of volunteers as they help incarcerated parents record themselves reading children’s books to audiocassette. These bedtime story tapes and books are a way—and, in some cases, the only way—for parents and children to connect during their separation.

After discovering Claire Kremer and the volunteers at Ontario County Jail in Canandaigua, NY, and being the mother of two small children that I read to every night before bed, I felt immediately compelled to tell this story. The primary goal of TURN THE PAGE is to encourage a national discussion about the issue of parents, incarceration, the children left behind, and the role of literacy.

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